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Terry Talks Nutrition are articles I've written on different health related topics and products.

Every week I will continue to bring you more news you can use to improve your health and reduce the drugs you are taking. For example, I don't believe anyone should ever take a statin drug. There is absolutely no scientific documentation that proves they are effective and provide more benefits than the negative side effects. In fact, 63% of the people who die from heart disease have so-called "normal cholesterol". These are the types of discussions and information you will find at Terry Talks Nutrition. I hope I find you here each and every week. Together we can change the health of America.

9/11/14: Weekly Article: Acute and Chronic Pain

9/4/14: Weekly Article: Nature’s Answer for Colds, Bronchitis and Asthma

8/28/14: Weekly Article: Pain and Sleep: An Intimate Connection

8/8/14: Weekly Article: Strong Bones Need Silica!

8/1/14: Weekly Article: Hope for Neuropathy

7/25/14: Weekly Article: Repairing Painful Knees & Other Joints

7/17/14: Weekly Article: Sinus Congestion & Sinusitis

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