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A Word From Terry

Terry Talks Nutrition is articles I've written on different health related topics and products.

Every week I will continue to bring you more news you can use to improve your health and reduce the drugs you are taking. For example, I don't believe anyone should ever take a statin drug. There is absolutely no scientific documentation that proves they are effective and provide more benefits than the negative side effects. In fact, 63% of the people who die from heart disease have so-called "normal cholesterol". These are the types of discussions and information you will find at Terry Talks Nutrition. I hope I find you here each and every week. Together, we can change the health of America.


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From Terry Talks Nutrition:

All events are free and open to the public. Our in-store seminars have limited seating, so we recommend arriving early. We also offer free ONLINE webinars that you can access through your computer or mobile device.

There are currently no seminars scheduled at this time. Be sure to keep checking back for more upcoming events! 



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